Sunday, October 17, 2010

drawings that I never had time to post



there is a guy that is spraypainting some stuff.......that was my attempt at t shirt design.....I admire people that can come up with really cool designs for for the two birds.....that was the illustration I created for my fiancee and me for our save the dates......I thought it was tough but I think they didn't come out that bad.....everything else is just doodles Ive been doing.....I m finding that animation has made me not draw as much....I do alot of often useless thumbnails but for the most part I dont draw as much.....that is all going to change soon for sure.


Aaron L. said...

Amazing, just astonishing concepts, I wanna see the spray can dude animated! lol.

megabytesmouse said...

I kinda thought of that same thing...maybe if I find the time at some point I can try my hand at 2d animating him.....ooor make a 3d model of him and go through all of that... I am so glad that you liked those me hope to keep trucking on lol