Sunday, February 17, 2008

just doodling

well life is strange i guess. I'm not full of words today, i actually almost feel depressed but i figured id do some doodling to warm up for some more painting im doing today.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fruits of my Labor

Just another post of work from today. I figure it helps me if I look at my work from the screen of the computer that way I'm more objective and I notice mistakes so that i can fix them later. Also I think I'm going to start posting animations I do too...I just started doing them recently(i'm behind) but I figure its better I start now before it's too latehehe

Sunday, February 10, 2008

There was a time in my life when i was content with just producing "lineart". But now that I'm getting to be a bit wiser for my age at least, I m starting to notice that color is what makes life interesting. Sure I'm not really interested in imitating life too closely, however, lately since I've taken my color theory class I've been seeing everything in a different light. I'm finding the best works in my eyes, are in color or at least using a bit of chiaroscuro.....I'm finding I guess what makes being an artist so great....sure I could ramble about all of this, but I'm sure all artists come to this at some point in their lives....I'm just glad I'm starting to realize it now before I get too old to accept change....which by my point is around 20 or so years to go lol. Anywho this whole "going to artschool" thing is the greatest thing to have ever happened to me, and I'm glad Im taking this step because in the end I'll be that much closer to achieving my dream of working at my top three animation studios HOORay!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

another experiment

i figured id post this seperate simply because id never used a sumi brush and the marks I made with it were truly so cool that I hung this on my wall lol.....I dont feel its very technical but I like it regardless...kinda gave me an idea for a character, a very raw samurai who moves like the ink flows...sounds interesting hehe maybe a senior project when i get around to that. I also decided to post a couple of other things I did was for drawing class the other one was just to see if I could do that particular style..didnt come out too bad i suppose

im too lazy

It's not that I'm not constantly doodling....its just that I never seem to get around to posting the work I've in a sense I am lazy. But on the bright side, I have to admit Im enjoying branching out into other artstyles. Yes, I want to be an animator, but I want to be able to be versatile...there are too many things out there worth seeing and painting...I'll admit my eyes are still opening and crusty as I'm just waking up with this but school is helping alot with it. these were experiments with pastels....the cartoony one was a watercolor/pastel which i guess didnt turn out too bad.