Thursday, January 31, 2008

Something new in everyday life

This is my first art post on a blog so I'm kinda nervous. No one may notice it but then again someone might. It seems like alot of what I believed about artists in the industry of animation and games and such, was that they only did dinosaurs and cartoons and ninjas, nothing more. But an artist, regardless of their discipline learns to appreciate art in all forms. I feel that's what makes a great artist. Regardless of whether or not I live to become a great artist, or even recognized as having talent, enough talent to work in the field of animation, I will always enjoy doodling and drawing things of all types..Art is fun, art is love, art is that last chip in your favorite brand, or that cute girl you later marry.....its alot of things and sorry if its too philosophical but i figured it sounded great that way. So begins the postings of my soul.