Friday, November 28, 2008

therandom scribbles part point 5

Sooooo , I've gotten the idea that I need to steadily upload new work everyday, regardless of how crappy it is in hopes that I can see my progress from somewhere other than just my two-four eyes lol. These aren't that bad and hopefully I can do some digital painting if I can find the time, woohoo....t minus two weeks until Vermontian/Mississippian vacation!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Screen Design Final woohoo

Well it's the end of Scad for the quarter woohoo, which for me means a long break to do more art work or nothing at all, which at this point is not an option. So anyway this is the final I did for my Screeen Design class and boy did it take alot of time away from me. Anywho it's cool because it';s something i worked really hard on and I think it shows for the most part. I was trying to get a paper feel with things that I mean in illustrator which wasn't as hard as I thought but getting it all to work in after effects was probably the hardest part. Anywho, anywho who are looking at this check it and let me know what you all thing. Ciao :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


more work i've done recently.

ok I really have been working promise

I'm totally behind on my posting. I'm going to go and post at least every few days so if anyone is watching my work, I can get feedback and have a collective body ofmy work. Also, despite I may not like my animation I have to start posting that as well, despite what someone may say about it on , say, youtube. So tell me what you guys think :)