Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm done with deviantart

Ok. So I originally posted this on deviantart but no one really seemed to like it. I ll admit it could be better. But It just seems unfair that some works get more views than others. I can understand something like a blog being neglected but not on a social website designed to expose one's work. I simply do not have the time to "scratch someone's back" so that they scratch mine. In other words, I cannot spend all morning commenting on all of the work it takes to get exposure to my work. Oh well, I realized today after going back into my box o' artwork that my imagination became stale recently and I;m not sure why. The drawings I did before had substance where as now It feels rushed.....wait...I think I'm rushing life away lol. Soooooooo now that I realize that, I'm going to make a conscience effort to do the best work I can do....which unfortuneately I dont think I've done recently.
anyways Im frustrated by the antics of deviantart and although theer are alot of talented artists there they are being neglected in favor of lesser beings haha...if you are a member you'll understand what I mean and that I'm not bashing anyone's work. Im hurt.....anywho this is my take on a Mario Party, complete with poker...although I didnt think that they still has to be rated E

Thursday, December 11, 2008

OK whenever you travel a long distance, you tend to have a GPS to help you on your journey,(at least my tech savvy generation haha. So upon using the now defunct Magellan guide, it came to my attention that the voice was a woman. Now my imagination wouldn't let a woman be named Magellan, so I came up with a new name for her - Maggie Lan. Now, I was wondering who was Maggie? Why would someone choose to live their lives inside a box to give directions? What would life be like to work for GPS? I decided to create a character for Maggie, when she first started and this is more or less, what I came up with. Alittle different from the original but I figured I could use this character for something in the future so who knows. It may take further itirations before I can be sure this is the ideal Maggie but for now it'll have to do lol.

a newie and an oldie

So I finally got around to finishing this little acrylic painting although Ill probably go back in on the face....but on the bright side it's somewhere I can leave it for right be honest i started it alooong time ago , likke maybe in march or april so it's been along time coming. As for the pencils, those were done sometime ago as well, probably around december of last year! But I liked this one alot and I figured I'd have to post it to my blog, seemed only fitting Id add something more for me and others to see hehe

Monday, December 8, 2008

A boy's childhood wish

so here we are. My first finished illustration of the break.. kinda feels odd...oh well it was fun and now I've got my fingers crossed for my christmas wishlist items lol.

Friday, December 5, 2008

this was a weird one. but it's watercolors, colored pencil + photoshop touchups.
just marker.

So I have been busy. I bought some more art supplies for the trip so I should be ready to produce some great things over the next few weeks. I should be animating but I dont know if itts a good idea, but we will see next quarter how much not animating is going to affect me. Anywho I m studying so that's just as good I year is going to be different!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a feilong tribute/warmup sketch

Soooo this is a warmup for the day...I really should be drawing more, but I dunno. Lately I've been thinking maybe I should go into illustration or sequential art as well. I would love if if I could do everything but I guess that's probably asking too much. Oh well, it's cool for now I guess.. IN the mean time, here we are with morning sketch number one lol.