Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm done with deviantart

Ok. So I originally posted this on deviantart but no one really seemed to like it. I ll admit it could be better. But It just seems unfair that some works get more views than others. I can understand something like a blog being neglected but not on a social website designed to expose one's work. I simply do not have the time to "scratch someone's back" so that they scratch mine. In other words, I cannot spend all morning commenting on all of the work it takes to get exposure to my work. Oh well, I realized today after going back into my box o' artwork that my imagination became stale recently and I;m not sure why. The drawings I did before had substance where as now It feels rushed.....wait...I think I'm rushing life away lol. Soooooooo now that I realize that, I'm going to make a conscience effort to do the best work I can do....which unfortuneately I dont think I've done recently.
anyways Im frustrated by the antics of deviantart and although theer are alot of talented artists there they are being neglected in favor of lesser beings haha...if you are a member you'll understand what I mean and that I'm not bashing anyone's work. Im hurt.....anywho this is my take on a Mario Party, complete with poker...although I didnt think that they still has to be rated E


Bobby Chiu said...

as long as you like it, that's the most important thing.

megabytesmouse said...

yea I do, I enjoy creating art more than anything else in the world. Consider it a rant really, I love deviantart but for some reason that day I was having a bad day, perhaps my bad time of the month lol. I find myself losing time browsing the work on deviantart. But I have to say I was surprised to find your comment on your blog. I'd seen your work in imaginefx and had also been your website a few times and I'm a big fan. So although you didnt really say you were impressed with my work, I would have to say I'm honored nonetheless.

Tracy "Tito" Lynn MacLauchlan said...

Heya Jyreme! Sorry I didn't see this sooner on either this blog or Devart (and omfg Bobby Chiu commented, lol!). I think it got drowned out by like a million other posts on both websites.

I dunno, DevArt is an interesting place, but I can see how you can get fed up with it!

Anyway, don't get frustrated with yourself just because you produce a drawings that don't live up to your expectations lately. there's nothing wrong with showing off a piece you did in 30 minutes or 30 hours, ya know? You still took some time to draw something, and it's still your art, and if you like it enough, it's worth showing people! Also, like most anything, you'll have your ups and downs in art :> just keep drawin' till you reach an up (in your opinion), eh?

anyway, well good luck in whatever you're working on now! Can't wait to see more from you. As far as this actual piece goes, I like it. It's cute and funny. You kept it Mario-esque, but darkened the theme just subtly enough for us to get the point.

Tracy "Tito" Lynn MacLauchlan said...

oh also, I love that Yoshi's eating his cards. Yoshi's my favorite in Mario because he's so cute so goofy XD, lol, and my guess is he'd totally do that in a poker game.