Thursday, December 11, 2008

OK whenever you travel a long distance, you tend to have a GPS to help you on your journey,(at least my tech savvy generation haha. So upon using the now defunct Magellan guide, it came to my attention that the voice was a woman. Now my imagination wouldn't let a woman be named Magellan, so I came up with a new name for her - Maggie Lan. Now, I was wondering who was Maggie? Why would someone choose to live their lives inside a box to give directions? What would life be like to work for GPS? I decided to create a character for Maggie, when she first started and this is more or less, what I came up with. Alittle different from the original but I figured I could use this character for something in the future so who knows. It may take further itirations before I can be sure this is the ideal Maggie but for now it'll have to do lol.


Courtney Brooke Vaughan said...

Hey Jeryme! I found your blog through fb.. hope you're not creeped out haha! This is an awesome character design, ps. More! More! More!

megabytesmouse said...

lol nonono I find it somewhat flattering that beautiful women are stalking me lol. But yea I'm glad you like, I was thinking maybe I could make her up to be my senior film, she was an idea out of boredom for sure lol